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Red Dwarf by Grant & Naylor

Review by duckduckduck:
My favorite book of all time. The characters are all very likeable and well developed in this incredibly clever, well written and entertaining novel. This book is full of intriguing, ingenious ideas and does an excellent job of finding humor within the absurd.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adamas

Review by
It's safe to say that The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of the funniest science fiction novels ever written. Adams spoofs many core science fiction tropes: space travel, aliens, interstellar war--stripping away all sense of wonder and repainting them as commonplace, even silly.
Inferno by Niven & Pournelle

Review by duckduckduck:
A brilliant modern day interpretaion of Dante's Inferno, this book details the adventures of science fiction writer Allen Carpentier's trip through Hell. An excellent plain english alternative to Dante Alighieri's original epic poem.
Escape From Hell by Niven & Pournelle

Review by Christina Paige:
Here, after 33 years, is the sequel to Inferno, which in 1976 was a bestseller, nominated for both Hugo and Nebula awards. ... I am so very, very glad Niven & Pournelle lived to write this book. Thanks, guys.
The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

Review by S. Whitehead:
Written by Vietnam War veteran Haldeman, The Forever War won both the the Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1975), the Locus Award for Fiction Novel (1976), and the Hugo Award for Best Novel (1976). Critics consider The Forever War one of the quintessential pieces of American Science Fiction because it stands the test of time.
Old Man's War by John Scalzi

Review by Billy Hollis:
Combine classic Heinlein with some Joe Haldeman and Larry Niven, and you might get something like "Old Man's War". Coming from me, that's high praise indeed, since those are three of my favorites. It's been a long time since I started an SF book and couldn't put it down. But I read through this book in an evening, unwilling to go to sleep without getting through it.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson

Review by The Green Inferno:
I have read and re-read my copy of this book so many times the pages are all dog eared and the spine is on the verge of coming apart. ... I don't think that there is any other book that will completely hold you in it's grip from the first to the last line in the way that this book will.
Catch-22 by Joeseph Heller

Review by S. Kat:
This book is a classic. Catch-22 is on all of those Top 100 books of the century lists. Just start reading the damn thing already! Jesus!
Notes of a Sniper by Vassili Zaitsev

Review by duckduckduck:
The real story of the Battle of Stalingrad as told by Hero of the Soviet Union Vassili Zaitsev. A truly riveting read of what actually happened at the battle, not the lamed-up "Enemy at the Gates" Hollywood version. The story of the actual battle includes so much more action and combat than the Hollywood stylization, it's a shame that the movie adaptation was so poorly done.
Citizen Soldiers by Stephen E Ambrose

Review by duckduckduck:
The recent criticism of Stephen Ambrose aside, this book is an excellent read featuring first person accounts of the life of a World War 2 infantryman. As far as war stories go, this one is packed full of amazing stories and fascinating accounts of what combat was really like from the infantry man's point of view.
Band of Brothers Stephen E Ambrose

Review by D Duncan:
Great book. Even better if you read it while you watch the [HBO] series. Recommend this for any WWII buff or anyone who can appreciate the morals and lessons of the story of these men.
Up Front by Bill Mauldin

Review by Robert Badgley:
Bill Mauldin's book is definitely World War 2-101; an essential read for anyone interested in the greatest human conflict ever. This book tells it like it really was by a soldier/cartoonist that was there with the guys,in the trenches and fighting and dying along side them.
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Army of Darkness

Review by Linquel:
For the sake of clarity, I just want to say that there is no way I could review any version of Army of Darkness without giving it five stars. It is a modern classic which I can watch over and over again. Seeing the Tiny Evil Ashes take on Ash causes me to laugh out loud with every "My fair lady." ...if you don't yet own Army of Darkness, don't be a primitive screwhead. Click on the link and get it.

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Saving Private Ryan

Review by SNAFS:
What a war movie! Though Saving Private Ryan sometimes comes under fire and gets some criticism, Saving Private Ryan definitely deserves near the top of any "best of" list for war movies. ...Saving Private Ryan is easily the most ferocious and emotionally sophisticated war movie in my collection and in my opinion, my favorite.

Review by
Oliver Stone's "Platoon" is one of the best and most powerful of all war pictures. It is the best movie ever made about the Vietnam war. Stone's film is gritty, frighteningly realistic and incredibly powerful. Stone doesn't just show us the Vietnam war, he takes into the Vietnam war.

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Full Metal Jacket

Review by Derrick Dunn:
Full Metal Jacket is one of the best films Stanley Kubrick ever made. The film has humor, gut wrenching war scenes and brilliant acting. Matthew Modine is great as Joker, but it's Vincet D'Onforio and R. Lee Emery as Pyle and the Drill Sgt. The chemistry between these two actors is of David and Goliath calibur.

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We Were Soldiers

Review by Stephen:
I rarely bother to watch any Nam movies for a variety of reasons. Mostly because I was there and none of them are really a good depiction of what it was like or what went on. But this one was highly recommended to me by some other Nam vets so I gave it a try. Yes. They pretty near just about got it right. Want to get a much better idea of what it was like? Watch this one.
Red Dawn and Navy Seals Doublepack

Review by duckduckduck:
Two great war / action films for the price of one - you pretty much can't go wrong here. Both are dynamite classics packed with action and equally entertaining for the 80's cheesiness factor. Two of my favorites from the past, together at last.

Review by F Jury:
Aliens is one of James Cameron's finest, and one of the best movies ever made. This film is a wonderful blend of sci fi, horror, action, comedy and drama, seamlessly combined to make one near perfect movie. It's one you can watch over and over again and not get bored.

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Starship Troopers

Review by A Customer:
Based on Robert Heinlein's classic science fiction novel of the same name, "Starship Troopers" takes the archetypical war epic to the next level with a heapin' helpin' of all the gory, special effects-laden action a jaded movie-goer could want. And then some.

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The Road Warrior

Review by Diane the Teacher:
The Road Warrior is a pretty incredible film that is not only the best of the Mad Max Trilogy, it's actually the only one of the three that can be called a film of true quality. ...Unlike the glamorized violence of movies like Die Hard or Lethal Weapon, this film presents us with violence that is brutal, ugly, and unapologetic in its nihilism.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Review by
This is one of the funniest movies ever committed to film, no doubt about it. Were I to judge this DVD on the film alone, I would have given it five stars. If you are one of the few who have never seen this picture, do yourself the favor of and buy a copy straight away.
Grandma's Boy

Review by duckduckduck:
Grandma's Boy is one of those movies that I can watch over and over and over again, like a comfort food in movie form. The plot has holes in it and the film borders on ridiculous at times but it also includes some of the funniest scenes of all time. If you are in the mood for a videogame-centric comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously, this is pretty much your best option.

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Review by R Trainer:
This movie called to my German roots!! Those boots are hard to drink from! I absolutely love their sense of humor. Great movie, hilarious cast! If you didn't appreciate other Broken Lizard movies, you won't like this one either - not for the easily offended.

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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Review by Agentgary7:
I just got through watching this movie and I have to say that "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" is one of the greatest films ever made. You read that right. ..."Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" is a classic and this movie is a classic because this movie "gets it"; it "gets it" like no other movie in the history of filmdom has ever gotten it.
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Firefly - The Complete Series

Review by "*":
Rarely do you find a series that has such great chemistry amongst the actors. This one has it. Great dialogue, humor, timing, story. AN ALL AROUND GREAT SERIES. Not to mention the movie that came out as well. You will enjoy this one!!!
Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection

Review by Jason:
I'm going to assume, if you are thinking of buying this collection, you are a fan of stargate. So it goes without saying, it is one of the best shows ever. To say this is my favorite series of all time would be a vast understatement. ...I love this set, the care and attention that went into designing it is fantastic. You also get a small book, that shows you the episodes, tv guide line, and any special feature that is located on each disc.

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Band of Brothers

Review by "L Doering":
This was a very interesting and in depth look at the lives of actual soldiers who served in the 101st Airborne Division during WWII. ...If you have any interest in WWII history, this is a "must see" program and one that I highly recommend.
Tour of Duty

Review by duckduckduck:
A great Vietnam War era series which follows the classic 'one good battle per episode' formula perfectly. Great characters and a great set to own if you area fan of Vietnam War period movies. My only complaint is that they were not able to license the iconic opening theme "Paint it Black" for the dvd series.
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Solingen K55 Cat Folding Knife

Review by duckduckduck:
The famous K55 Cat knife, manufactured in Solingen, Germany and prominently featuring a cat on its front, was introduced to the US by returning soldiers from WWII. It continues to be one of the most sought after and popular pocket knives even now. A great little (and sometimes difficult to find) knife. Doubles as a good luck charm.
CAT Diamond Tech Folding Knife

Review by duckduckduck:
Another "CAT" knife. So what makes this one so great? It's cheap, sharp and it looks cool, everything needed for a good utility knife.
Cinemin Swivel Multimedia Pico Projector

Review by duckduckduck:
A pocket-sized wall projector with a swivel to allow it to be easily project onto any surface from any surface with minimal hassle. This handy little device plugs right into your PC, iPhone or laptop and allows you to view movies, multimedia or presentations very easily. Also works well in conjunction with a Slingbox.
Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Review by B Barber:
This is a great pen tablet (my first) for anyone interested in pen based input. Great size, easy to use. I am using it with open source and commercial software; works well with both. Highly recommended for beginners but will probably suffice for pros as well. Great tutorial program included.
White Oversized Ceramic Watch by Michael Kors

Review by duckduckduck:
This white ceramic watch is pimp. Also available in black, if that's more your style.
LG BD570 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player

Review by duckduckduck:
After doing more homework than anyone rightly should before purchasing an electronic, this Blu Ray player is the best one out there. Owning one, i can confirm it. Near automatically attaches to many online services wirelessly such as Netflix, YouTube and Cinema Now as well (which was the main reason I bought it.) The upgraded model comes with an internal Hard Drive as well.
Skil 2346-01 3.6-Volt IXO2 Screwdriver

Product Description:
Easy quick change magnetized 1/4" hex chuck. Built-in work light. Lithium-ion power battery holds charge up to 18 months. On-tool charge indicator. Forward and reverse indicator lights. Stores conveniently on or off charger. Includes: 22 piece bit set, cradle charger and storage case

Review by duckduckduck:
This $#!7 is handy as @&*%, yo.
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