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A Duck a Day
Imageboard Scraper - Wallpapers
Firefox Personas (FF 3.6+)
Circle the Cat
Oglaf Comics - NWS
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Real Life Sim (Direct DL)
Milked: Innovations in Smut NWS
Homestar Runner
Anime Sniper Game (beta v)
The Comics of KC Green (slight nws)
Overheard in the Office
Life Hacker - tips and tricks for life
Gear Log: Duck Gear
EEGRA Comics (nws)
Is She Filthy?
Guess Her Muff
Cheap Ass Gamer videogame deals
WII Picross
Rose and Camellia catfight sim
Jay is Games
Pooping 2.0
Lego Robot
Dinosaur Comics
White Ninja
The Rasterbator: poster print any pic
Scrolling Chikas (mouse over and click!)
SecTools Top 100 Security Tools
Brad the Game, a CYOA
CYOA Megasite
SWFChan Flash Animations (maybe nws)
YTMND: You're The Man Now Dog
Game Burn World: Crack Site
All Portable: Warez
Zombo Com: Welcome!
Household Hacker: Tips and Tricks
Astalavista: Hacking and Security Site
Music Album Tracklists and Downloads
Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore
Today's Big Fail
Daughter Caught on Webcam #1
Daughter Caught on Webcam #2
Mom caught on Webcam
Orwellian People Search Directory
Super Antispyware (aptly named)
Super multimedia encoder
Quantum Physics and You
Scale of the Universe
Windows 7 Taskbar Hack
Lost in the Static
Jason Rohrer's Games incl: Passage
An Untitled Story - Action Game
Wallpaper DB (+1 imageboard scraper)
Palemoon: Win-Optimized FF Browser
Adult Swim: Games - Awesome!
Jing: BE the video professor
Tube Grabba (Tube Downloader)
Porn Grabba (PornTube Downloader)
Kick ass!
Microsoft's Officelive Web
Gone with the Blastwave
Exchange 2007 tools
C64 remakes page
C64 remakes forum thread
C64 Forever
Lemon 64
XSO's Site
Paintings for when I have monies :(
Nice VDay cards
Wise Ass (Spider drawing)
CYOA (nws)
Busty PL: Ewa Ines
NWS Eiken gifs
Cup Size Choir